Saturday, February 06, 2010

Free BlogSpot SEO Template

Many amateur and professional SEO specialists use BlogSpot blogs as part of their search engine optimization networks, building related links from related sites for example.

There are few well search engine optimized BlogSpot themes and less still with Goggle AdSense ads incorporated within the BlogSpot code (AdSense Ready BlogSpot Templates).

At Free Blogspot SEO/AdSense Template you'll find a free AdSense Ready SEO BlogSpot template using similar code to the "Before Computers SEO Guide" Blogspot blog.

Free SEO BlogSpot Template Search Engine Optimization Features

The free SEO BlogSpot template incorporates basic and advanced search engine optimization techniques including:

Search engine optimized title elements (title tags as poorly educated SEO consultants call them!).

Search engine optimized headers (H1, H2 etc... no headers are wasted on menu items).

Search engine optimized anchor text for internal text links.

Highly recommended for those using BlogSpot for SEO reasons.

Friday, April 17, 2009

SEO Outsource India Offer

Got a SPAM email subject: SEO Outsource Offer (posted below) that's from an India SEO company. I've had this SEO SPAM email quite a few times, but not read it until now after reading the "SEO Outsource Offer" subject line. I'm not one to complain at competition in the SEO sector from India (any sector for that matter), but outsourcing SEO to India from the UK/USA where the cost of living is high to a country like India is worrying in our troubled economic times.

It's taken me over 10 years to learn the SEO techniques I use to earn a very good living through offering search engine optimization services and though I could teach someone with fair HTML/PHP skills everything I know about search engine optimization in under a month I also know most so called SEO experts have learnt their SEO skills online in forums etc... where misinformation is rife and not through years of SEO experiments (like I did/still do).

So though you could in theory learn almost everything important for SEOing a website in under a month, the reality is there's few people like me educating other SEO consultants to a high level (and that's particularly true of India's new SEO consultants). This means the vast majority of SEO specialists are far from SEO experts and as they say "you get what you pay for".

Lets take a look at the SPAM email:SEO Outsource Offer


I am ###### and I am contacting you after looking at your website.

We are a ISO certified company and one of the very few company which offer SEO, link building, Search engine submission, PPC, SMO, Contextual link Services to increase rankings. We help companies of all sizes with search engine optimization services and creating search engine marketing strategies.

That's a lot of services offered, much more than I offer, but some are not worth paying for.

SEO = That means search engine optimization
link building = That's part of search engine optimization, off page to be precise.
Search engine submission = An outdated and no longer successful way to promote a website, the vast majority of an English language websites traffic will come from Google. After that it's Yahoo, Bing and a few other search engines ALL of which will spider a website as long as it can find it through backlinks and it's spiderable (making a site spiderable is part of SEO). Basically search engine submission services are a complete and utter waste of time and money. Any SEO expert that believes it's worthwhile is either poorly trained or trying to rip you off. In either case remember the film Forest Gump and the little girl shouting "run Forest, run".
PPC = Pay Per Click which are services like AdWords where you pay for the traffic, not what I call SEO per se since anyone can gain traffic this way, gaining traffic through organic search takes skill.
SMO = Social media optimization, this attempts to take advantage of the use of sites like, Myspace, Facebbook, Twitter etc...
Contextual link Services = Hmm, well I consider this as part of link building. The main aim of link building is to build conceptually relevant links whenever possible, all links helps but links on the same theme help more.

Our SEO services and Internet marketing services will help generate sales for your business while increasing website traffic naturally. If you would like to learn more about our natural SEO services and organic website promotion contact us.

We are a team of 70+ professionals which includes 18 full time SEO experts. We are proud to inform you that our team handled 100+ SEO projects and obtained 20000+ manually built links in the past 1 year.

Now that's interesting, 70+ professionals including 18 full time SEO experts and all they have worked on in the last year is 100+ websites! That means the SEO experts have only worked on 5 or 6 sites each, since outsourcing is to save money they must be cheaper than a UK/USA SEO business. Now my SEO business charges a £250 to £500 monthly fee for every domain taken on (price depends on what's needed). If this Indian SEO business undercharges our prices (say £200 a domain per month) their SEO company will only make £240,000 a year spread over 70+ professionals or less than £3,500 per person per year. I know the cost of living is less in India, but I don't think it's that low.

Organic SEO is also referred to as natural SEO. This optimization process helps to place your website in search engines on the basis of the subject matter provided. Web pages optimized through Organic SEO process are more adaptable to the changes happening in the search engines.

The important procedures adopted in organic website optimization for increasing the search engine rankings of your website include: Identification of keywords Development of website content Development of links Optimization of HTML code Development of Meta tags Search engine submission Posting of articles Directory submission Blog submission Competitive analysis of websites PPC submission Maintenance of ranking reports

And there we have it, "HTML code Development of Meta tags Search engine submission...". Poor English skills, I assume that was meant to be- "HTML code Development of Meta tags, Search engine submission..."

Any SEO consultant/expert (from India or not) who is up to date will know the major search engines all but ignore the meta tags now. Google for example completely ignores all meta tags for ranking purposes, this means it doesn't matter what you add to your meta tags IT WILL NOT INCREASE RANKINGS. Google will sometimes use the meta description as the description for a search result that may increase a current SERPs click thru rate, but it will not increase actual results. Basically spending any money on meta tags is throwing it away. See Meta Tags Optimization Article for more details.

The same is true for search engine submissions as described earlier.

Major SEO firms usually have talented professionals, who have outstanding expertise in using the most modern tools and technologies available for optimizing web pages. As many firms claim to offer excellent SEO services, it is important to choose the most competent one which is able to deliver quality and cost-effective services, according to your requirements

I couldn't agree more, I feel sorry for any business that goes the cheap route with obtaining SEO services from 'SEO Experts' from India who drum up business by email spamming!

We will be glad to assist you with offering our services.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, Have a nice day ahead

Thanks and Regards

Online Marketing Manager

Note:Though this is not an automated email, we keep on sending out these emails to all those people whom we find eligible of using our services. To unsubscribe from future mails (i.e., to ensure that we do not contact you again for this matter), please send a blank email with NO as Subject.

Seams I get these emails for domains with no content on them, so find it hard to believe these aren't automated emails: AKA SPAM.

Steer clear of SEO businesses like the above one.