Saturday, February 06, 2010

Free BlogSpot SEO Template

Many amateur and professional SEO specialists use BlogSpot blogs as part of their search engine optimization networks, building related links from related sites for example.

There are few well search engine optimized BlogSpot themes and less still with Goggle AdSense ads incorporated within the BlogSpot code (AdSense Ready BlogSpot Templates).

At Free Blogspot SEO/AdSense Template you'll find a free AdSense Ready SEO BlogSpot template using similar code to the "Before Computers SEO Guide" Blogspot blog.

Free SEO BlogSpot Template Search Engine Optimization Features

The free SEO BlogSpot template incorporates basic and advanced search engine optimization techniques including:

Search engine optimized title elements (title tags as poorly educated SEO consultants call them!).

Search engine optimized headers (H1, H2 etc... no headers are wasted on menu items).

Search engine optimized anchor text for internal text links.

Highly recommended for those using BlogSpot for SEO reasons.